The Griffin

The Griffin Crest - an alliance of client and counsel. In the case of the Griffin it is an alliance of eagle and lion. The lion, symbolic of honor and protection, is noble and of compassionate nature. He is so courageous he fears nothing, and is the embodiment of courage and strength. The eagle has splendor of vision and the ability to see the larger picture. It represents a state of wisdom and grace achieved through hard work and understanding, and reminds us of freedom.

Seals, crests and shields are symbolic of heraldry and recognition in a chosen field. Their use is historically reserved to those who have performed outstanding acts of service and valor, and made a worthwhile contribution to their communities. They are used on official and legal documents and make a statement of established permanence.

The Griffin has been stylized for a contemporary and more easily visual appeal. Traditionally it is depicted facing left. In this design, it is faced right, indicating a more progressive attitude of looking ahead toward the future, rather than back toward the past. The rampant stance is indicative of an active attitude. This graphic approach to the Griffin makes no distinction between male or female.

The combination of elements in this logo makes a statement of prominence and eminence, having the characteristics that stand for an environment of justice and traditional values, yet progressive in nature.

Creative Concept, Design and Description by Susn Penn